Net on again tonight Wed 24the Sept 2014. Come Join Us

We are very keen to hear from more people who wish to learn and practice morse on air. Come join us and let us know you are there , even if you just want tot listen. CW is a great mode and it can net you great DX. This week I have worked the Eastern USA state of Massachusetts twice on the 80 metre band using less than 30 watts.

VK CW Beginners Net- Have Fun on Air While You Learn CW

No matter your level of experience, no matter your abilities, join the VK CW beginners Net  on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 1030 utc.

We have changed the format to allow lots of flexibility to cater to all comers. Join the call in at 1030 utc on SSB (so don’t worry about your CW nerves) then listen in or take part. 

On air practice is still the best way to develop your skills whether receiving or sending, and the standardised QSO format on Wednesday helps a great deal. On Saturday join us for conversational CW at any speed from beginners speeds up to 15 wpm. 

Net frequencies are now different summer and winter.. check

New Frequencies

Due to persistent QRM we are going to start using new frequencies.

These will be

Winter 3552 kHz

Summer 7052 kHz


I will do call in on 7190 tonight and then move to 3552 kHz